Emanate Is Open!

After 6 months of closed and controlled testing, Emanate Alpha is open to any artist to get started! In the period since Alpha launch in September 2019, we‘ve onboarded over 600 artists with more than 3000 tracks. With growth at around 30% month on month, the catalogue offers a diverse and ever-growing selection of tastes, styles and vibes.

Some of this music you won’t find elsewhere and best of all, each second streamed is instantly recorded against the contract on-chain and the per-stream rate is around 10 times that of Spotify.

What do you need to know?

  • It’s free to get started
  • All payments can be split between collaborators
  • The fastest way on the planet to publish music and get paid

Keeping It Legit

All newly submitted tracks appear instantly on Artist’s profiles, but do not go on-chain for monetisation until they have been verified by an Emanate Rep. This includes and audio fingerprint scan and social media check. Once on-chain, the musical IP is registered and the artist is paid in realtime for every stream.

EMT Token Integration

Artists can earn $ against their audio assets, but in order to be able to claim those rewards, each artist must hold 5000 EMT or a ProConnect subscription. ProConnect also allows access to Emanate Distro and StreamCard Pilots, and gives one-on-one help from an Emanate Rep. Additional token holder benefits now and in future include:

  • 0.5% weekly bonus payment on EMT balances
  • Discounted fees on StreamCard
  • Keep a bigger % of distro revenue
  • Become an Emanate Rep for up to 20% monthly reward
Watch: Jimi takes you through the upload process

Join Emanate Alpha at https://emanate.live

Find out about buying EMT and the Emanate Growth Pool at https://dashboard.emanate.live

The future of music is bright, and it lives on EOSIO.





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