This week, our friends at Stockhead dropped some serious inside knowledge during an interview with Emanate cofounders Sean Gardner and Jimi Frew.

We thought we better elaborate and whet your appetite a little more on what’s coming.

Alpha Stage is wrapping up

What would probably qualify as the longest Alpha phase in start-up history is…

What might look like a perfectly normal streaming feature is actually your chance to become a professional curator and taste-maker who earns mad cheddar for their great taste in tunes.

Why? because Emanate Beta will feature monetisation of playlists meaning you will be paid whenever someone plays your tape. Expect it this year!

Ok let’s go

Playlists can now be created, played, and edited on desktop/mobile web. The mobile apps are going through the stores now.

Mobile apps

Create playlists on the go

Save playlists in My Emanate

Emanate is in the process of increasing access to the network and building liquidity for the $EMT token through a series of initiatives. We already added an aggregated order book between NewDex and DefiBox, and today we announce the erc20-wrapped token.

Go to the end of this article to read…

The long-awaiting Emanate native mobile apps have arrived on iOS and Android. It’s time to get installing!

Announcment from Sean Gardner, Emanate cofounder and CEO

The benefits of native apps for a music experience really go without saying, nobody really wants to visit a web browser on their phone to…

The wait is finally over, winners revealed.

Chapter closed!

Another strong battle is over and it feels like the talent we uncover is getting more and more impressive each time. It’s always exciting hearing all the entries and different takes that get submitted for these competitions.

After launching Alpha 1.0 in September 2019, only a few months of normality played out before 2020 brought the weirdest year we have all ever experienced.

Let’s replay Emanate’s 2020 and take a quick peep ahead.

We kicked the year with our pledge for creative freedom. Emanate stands by this pledge, and many musicians from developing countries are already taking advantage of the easiest access in and out of the global digital music industry.

Remix Savaan

Our second…

Article by Sean Gardner

I’m going to make an argument that DJ Lethal Skillz is the most OG figure in the Blockchain Music Community, having survived four platform transitions, the journey has not been without challenges and of course, the rewards!

In 2021, we are welcoming Hussein Mao aka ‘DJ…

Details of the NFT Drop for Emanate members

Launching alongside the Emanate dashboard for artists, cash-out functionality and subscription portal, we are excited to launch ‘Drops’; special perks for Emanate members.

How do you become a member? Read on…

5 Steps to claiming a deadmau5 NFT promo pack

1) Sign-up and subscribe to Emanate

You choose whether to stake EMT in the Member Rewards Pool or sign-up with a good old-fashioned credit card…

Done & Dusted!

The gloves are off, the competition’s over. We’re once again left with an abundance of uncovered talent who are all writing new chapters as an artist.

First and foremost, thanks to our partners for collaborating and continuing to support our journey. …

We conversed with electronic producer Maison Ware. Short sharp, and precise was the nature of his response, leaving nothing but a veil of mystery. With releases on mau5trap and Armada Music, Maison Ware’s only in first gear with a long straight road ahead of him.

How did music production start for you?

For as long as I’ve…

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