After launching Alpha 1.0 in September 2019, only a few months of normality played out before 2020 brought the weirdest year we have all ever experienced.

Let’s replay Emanate’s 2020 and take a quick peep ahead.

Let’s go!!!!!

Remix Savaan

Our second remix ever, Saavan’s ‘In My Head’ brought a wealth of new talent, and interest, to Emanate.

Mau5trap Partnership

We formalised our partnership with deadmau5’s infamous mau5trap imprint!

The Big 5

In March 2020, we dropped 5 bombshell news stories which sent $EMT reeling up 250% in just one week!

1: Gavin Parry

2: Emanate Distro

3: StreamCard

4: Seven20 Group

5: Chris Lake


Once lockdown hit, it was time…

Article by Sean Gardner

I’m going to make an argument that DJ Lethal Skillz is the most OG figure in the Blockchain Music Community, having survived four platform transitions, the journey has not been without challenges and of course, the rewards!

In 2021, we are welcoming Hussein Mao aka ‘DJ Lethal Skillz’ to the Emanate team as our Distribution Systems Manager making him the first person to be promoted from Community Rep to Emanate Team.

I asked Mr Skillz about his life journey, since before he first laid eyes on a pair of turntables until now. …

Details of the NFT Drop for Emanate members

How do you become a member? Read on…

The first RAREZ release is from deadmau5 with Series 1 NFTs on sale December 16 on WAX.

5 Steps to claiming a deadmau5 NFT promo pack

1) Sign-up and subscribe to Emanate

You choose whether to stake EMT in the Member Rewards Pool or sign-up with a good old-fashioned credit card. We’re excited to give members this option as it rewards active EMT holders whilst also allowing easy adoption for our crypto-less friends. If you’ve got EMT but don’t know how to lock tokens and sign-up, just jump into discord for help.

Aritsts: Tori Letzler and Bentley Dean

Done & Dusted!

First and foremost, thanks to our partners for collaborating and continuing to support our journey. Of course, a HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE that took the time to participate.

Our Emanate Electronic Collective Discord hosted a live announcement event with Bentley Dean, revealing the winners along with a Q&A session afterwards.

How did music production start for you?

For as long as I’ve been listening to music, I’ve had a soundtrack in my head accompany most moments in my life. Music production is my attempt to extract and record that soundtrack.

What aspect do you find the most challenging?

Recreating the sounds in my head with synthesizers.

How do you describe your sound?

Relentless, derelict, and above all, deliberate.

What are your favourite tools for creating?

Time, space, and Ableton Live. And distance. A…

Follow artist / Save tracks

You will soon be able to follow your favourite artists and like your favourite tracks

How did music production start for you?

The whole time I was growing up as a kid, I admired a family member of mine who was an aspiring rapper (who turned out to be a really great rapper), I always thought it was so cool and interesting to be a musician.

When I was about 13 I started studying drums in high school as I wanted to get more into music and I really wanted a drum kit but my Mum wouldn’t allow me to have one at home, so I looked for alternatives and found all sorts of shitty music software and eventually stumbled on Fruity…

Zed.Run x Emanate Production Competition

The Brief Was Simple!

It’s the year 2060, you are in a VR gaming centre in the underground of Tokyo City. You don’t know how you go there and don’t remember where you were before you arrived. Looking around in the virtual world you see cyborgs, robot security guards and hundreds of digital avatars. You enter the virtual horse racing arena… what music do you hear?

Team Zed Run have picked the winning…

We’re back with deadmau5’s legendary mau5trap imprint this time bringing electro house artist Bentley Dean along for the ride.


Buckle up, be ready to be uncovered or discovered as we deliver you another chance to get your release your remix on deadmau5’s legendary mau5trap imprint.

This time it’s Bentley Dean’s — Inside My Mind Feat Tori Letzler for you to get your hands on.

As always.. we got bunch of prizes up for grabs, so roll up your sleeves, strap on your gloves and start punching out your best studio productions yet!


Grand Prize

Your track featured in the virtual racing game along with a cash price!

With already some amazing pieces of audio submitted. Now is the time to make sure you get your entries in, with just over a week left to enter.

Check Out Some Early Entries:

So if you haven’t started, get cracking on this futuristic opportunity!

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